Quon Kisuragi


@Ita istar


I saw Rahxephon so long ago and never really forgot Quon, and the show needs way more love! The dress was pretty simple in shape so I drafted a pattern with a tiny waist and a nice A-line skirt to make my hips look more like Quon's :) The shoulders have a slight puff that I might make bigger some day. The vest was pretty last minute but I'm happy with it for now, until I can make a silicone one. The vest I wore was actually going to be the model for a mold so I could make a cast vest in silicone, but time went by too fast and I painted the model one and wore it. It's really very tough and has a zipper in the front and back so I can take it on and off- it's like a shell really XD. All in all, even though I only got a few people who recognized me, I love Quon so it was worth it. Although, I did lose my beret within the first hour of wearing this..doh!


@Ita istar
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Series RahXephon
Character Quon Kisuragi


kiratsukai Your wig is absolutely gorgeous. Good show.

Nocturne Pixie This is absolutely impeccable! And you fit the costume so well! Perfect. :)) I'm planning on cosplaying as Quon for Youmacon this year and I'm trying to figure out what kind of pattern and material to use for the dress and vest...any tips or ideas? I'd really like to make my costume as well as I possibly can.