Queen Amidala (disguised as handmaiden)

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace



This gown is made by a dear friend of mine. He has a passion for fashion design and has turned this talent into a career as tailor.

Frock coat:
The frock coat and the pants are made of ruby-colored cotton velvet. The frock coat has a continuous rolled collar, capelet sleeves and ends at calf-height. The whole coat is lined with ruby-colored crepe taffeta. It closes in front with hidden hooks and eyes. The edges of the coat are tucked up and fixed with a safety pin.
The coat and the pants are decorated with a golden trim with a wavelike design. The trim at the side of the coat runs along the side seam and round the armhole. Therefore, the width of the trim at the side seam is double. The trim on the inside of the coat runs parallel 23 cm (approx. 9 inches) apart the hem of the coat. There is also a row of the golden trim running at the outer side seams of the pants.

The belt is made of a ready-made black leather belt. The belt buckle is hand-made of polymer clay. The belt is hidden in front by the coat, but it passes through the side seams and runs above over the coat in the back.

The shirt is made of cloque. It has a round neck and long sleeves.

Boots and weapon:
I wear black knee-high leather boots with the costume. I’ve also bought a model kit of the Naboo pistol, but I didn’t start painting it.


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Series Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Character Queen Amidala (disguised as handmaiden)
Variant Handmaiden battle garb


KristinaMJS i have to say, of all the versions of this costume i've seen, this has to be one of the best. and fabulous descriptions as well.

Gekko Kamen Woww.... elegant and very pretty