Commander Susan Ivanova

Babylon 5



The jacket and the pants are made of polyester stretch, brown artificial leather and red cotton piping. The jacket was really challenging to make. This was not only due to the leather processing and the piping, but also to the tricky design of the jacket. It has a yoke with a pleat between the armhole and the yoke itself. A friend of mine put her pattern at my disposal. Without her help, I wouldn’t even have recognized that there’s a pleat! It was really hard to understand how to join the parts of this section of the jacket in the correct way. The insignias are made of Polystyrene sheets and painted with golden acrylic paint.

The pants were quite simple. They have a crease in front.

I wear a painted model kit of the screen used blaster with the uniform.


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Series Babylon 5
Character Commander Susan Ivanova
Variant Earth Alliance uniform


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