Arielle as Geisha



Cosplayer: Arielle
About 2 weeks before Halloween I decided I wanted to be a geisha (I've always wanted to be "Japanese" for a day, and I loved Memoirs of a Geisha, both the book and the movie, so I decided to see if I could put something together in time). I know the costume looks very different from the movie, but I wasn't trying to be Sayuri. Hopefully someday I'll have the time to create a real Sayuri cosplay...

I had pretty much no $$$ so I found a cheap wig on ebay-I managed to style it myself despite the terrible quality of the hair, haha! i threw in random flowers, etc, that I had around the house-those bangs never looked straight enough to me, I kept trimming, but the hair wouldn't lay flat-what can you do? Ugh. Nonetheless I'm happy enough with the result for a Halloween costume. The hair sticks came with the wig-it was technically a "geisha" wig but it was so ugly and messy when I got it I had to redo it completely. And, yes, I know it's sooooo not correct, with the bangs and all, but it was the closest I could come w/the time constraint and $$$ situation. ^^ I had fun with the makeup, although it could be better quality if I'd have had the $$ to put into it. I used cheap CVS Halloween face makeup (yuck!) and corn starch for powder....I admit, I cheated with the actual costume-I didn't make it, but it's a real kimono from Japan! I lucked out when I was telling a friend what I wanted to be for Halloween and he said, " I have a kimono you can have!" What's funny is I really wanted a black one, and that's what he happened to have! it came with the shoes and purse, too! Kawaii! It's a summer yukata, so it's not really a "geisha" kimono, but hey! I was happy! Unfortunately, it did not come with an obi or sash of any kind, so the day of Halloween when I took it out of the packaging to put it on, I realized I had to do something so I rushed over to JoAnns and grabbed some fabric and ribbon-it's all safety pinned since I had no time to sew it! So there ya thrown-together geisha costume ^_____^