I_Am_Rogue as Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama

Tekken 5

Hidden costume - black kimono

Cosplayer: I_Am_Rogue
Someone on a forum gave me the idea to cosplay asuka in her secret costume and I loved it from the first moment *still wubs it*

I had some difficulties with the design, especially the top. Now it's just a white corset, a bit clumsy and it show WAY too much as I walk around with it XD
I'm going to teach myself how to make costumes, then I'll be able to fix this :)

The hair was okay, since I have myself short brownhair (yuna coupe) I only needed a hairbead and stuck some plastic flowers in it :D
I still wonder how that kept sitting so well like that.. I never had to do my hair again o___O

Furthermore I made those slippers myself, I bought a pair on the market (like.. 2 buck for them??? CHEAP! ) and put a pink fabric over it.
But people: be careful when making those. Make sure your feet are comfortable with those because my feet really hurt after one day walking around in this XD (even bleeded a little o__o )
I cut of a part too much and it kept on irritating a sidepart of my feet ;___;

The kimono was made by my sister using a kimino pattern, the spiderweb patterns are painted by me.
Tattoo on most of pictures painted by Mikie XD
Sorry to make you do that buddeh :D