Final Fantasy VIII



The tank top, skirt and shorts were all found at the local good will. I altered the skirt a bit short, which is why it looks like a denim blob on me &gt;_< Thank goodness for the shorts or else my boyfriend would have been very mad lol.

The duster and armbands were given to me by my cousin Christina who had cosplayed as Rinoa a long time ago.

The wig I chose because of its length and I did not cut it because I thought it would make me stand out a little. Plus...I miss having long hair and pretending for a weekend was fun ^^ I sewed highlights into each side, but they are visible unless you get close &gt;_< I'll have to alter that in the future.

My boyfriends first convention was Otakon 07 and I thought Squall and Rinoa would be an easy quick costume choice..plus they make such a cute couple! I don't really think I look too much like Rinoa but I do have some of her quirks!


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa


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