Lyn as Abel Nightroad

Abel Nightroad

Trinity Blood

Imperial Uniform

Cosplayer: Lyn
The costume is made out of black moleskin and white casa collection sateen (not the shiny stuff).

- The edges of ALL the sateen pieces on the costume were sateen-stitched to acheive an embroidery-like look.
- All the designs on the sleeves, back, and collar, were appliqued and sateen stitched in gold embroidery thread.
- The embroidery around the circles on the collar was done by hand due to the collar being too thick for my machine to handle.
- The little armor pieces on the arms and on the front are made of Wonderflex.
- The gloves have painted designs on them that match the blue circle and yellow moon designs seen on the rest of the costume (just hard to show in photos).
- There are a total of 11 frogs on the under jacket and the "skirt" piece. There were more on the design but it wasn't really possible to fit that many on and still have it look decent. XP
- The hat I made several times before I finally got it right. I basically made a cap and attached the front part to it. The hat also has both the white and gold sateen stitching on it. I had to hand stitch a great deal of the hat in order to get it put together right.