Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier



The infamous Sheryl Nome, Galactic Fairy, will be tackled......

*Wig: Finally received my beautiful accurate wig, though it didn't arrive in time for the convention T.T

*Dress: Petticoat complete (tulle, you work wonders) now + lining (made from left over material from Orihime's yukata), circle skirt made of light satin material, with a self-made bias tape from ribbon in the color because let's face it, rounded edges suck when you have to hem them =D elastic is sewn in the top of the skirt so there is no sliding down.

*Corset: So, the home made pattern works, but there was a little adjusting for fit, its made with this purple shined satin/brocade/whatever it is, two layers of fusible interface in between it and the black lining. Spiral steel boning was used for the supports, and the edges were sealed with purple double fold bias tape. Red ribbon (3" and 1/4") used in detailing and for garter belts, along with gold suspender clips and belt pulls. Red zipper in the back provides opening and closing the corset. Ten grommets were hammered into 6 layers of material (yea, it took a long time to get them set, I hope they stay forever XDD) and two yards of white 1/2" ribbon used for lacing the corset. (NOTE: corset will be redone, considering I shrank and it was a little big on me during the con XD)

*Stockings and accessories: stockings from (color is lovely), and the earrings are done. Red elastic to hold up the stockings was simply cut into desired length and sewn together, now I just have to ruffle the top (I might just skip on this part lol) -o- The choker is done from the same material as the corset and attached flower is made from gathered ribbon! Arm garter was made by using two layers of the skirt fabric and folding it over, then sewing ruffles onto a dark blue elastic band.

-I tried making gloves but that was a fail, so I just bought the gloves in the exact color!!!!!

*Shoes: relatively close match (because I hate heels so I needed to find a compromise that wouldn't kill my feet) from, and they only cost me $10 yay!!!! (They fit lovely, so comfy!)

Done to compliment my lovely *Mik0 Muffin! who is my partner in crime in most of the series I do =D


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Sheryl Nome
Variant Lion Dress


*mik0 muffin ! By the way. We need new shots of you in this cosplay wearing the right wig, once you fix it up =]

*mik0 muffin ! I love you. You're a beautiful Sheryl =D~