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The Path is an indie computer game by Belgian developer Tale of Tales. It's based on Little Red Ridinghood, and very loosely fits the definition of "game". If you like games that make you think, I strongly urge you to go buy The Path. Please do. Indie games need love.

Ruby is the third sister of six, aged 15. She's quite cynical and enjoys observing the decay of society. She has a dark sense of humor and is pretty awesome. I decided to cosplay her when I saw her concept art two years ago, before the game was even finished, and after playing it in March, I knew that I had to. She's definitely my favorite Red girl.

Fun fact: I learned how to do makeup for this costume! 8D I already owned black nail polish, but all the other stuff I bought specifically for Ruby.

The shoes, skirt, and fishnets I already owned. The wig is a Cleo 601 from Cosworx in 1, and was pretty easy to style, although I couldn't get the bangs tinted blue like I wanted, because my blue sharpie turned the fibers red. Seriously. What the hell.

The shirt was the toughest - I went through five. First I tried to find one commericially that would work, and when it arrived, I found that it wasn't close enough. Then I bought a shirt from AC Moore to dye, only to find that it wasn't tight enough. I got another that fit better from Michaels, but the dye didn't work as well as it should have, and I didn't want to make more dye mess. Then I found the perfect shirt at a thrift store. I started painting on the stripes (Jacquard textile fabric paint = <3) but when I tried it on, I saw that I hadn't measured correctly. Finally I went to Wal-Mart and bought another shirt, re-measured a few times, and then painted. And re-painted. It still needs repainting, since some of it comes off in the wash even with heat-setting. But still. Fifth time's the charm! XD

The leg brace was my first time really working with craft foam (we use it all the time at girl scout camp, but only as is). The black bands are craft foam, the side supports coat-hanger wire, and it stayed on through the use of velcro and body tape. Rigging the knee-circles to actually twist was a lot of fun, and by fun I mean painful. The leg brace fell apart when I got home from wearing it at Otakon, but it's easily hot-glued back together.

So...yeah. I love this costume - other than the shoes and brace (they make the limp genuine), it is supersuper comfy, and other than a few cuts of wire, I put it together all by myself. Technically it's not finished (the shoes, skirt and fishnets aren't accurate, and I'd like to remake the leg brace so it fits better), but I'm not going to beat myself up trying to fix all of that, so 100% it is.


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RachelRoodle Oh hooray! The Path needs too have more cosplayers. :U This looks freakin awesome.

Tenel Ka Niiiiiice! :D I'm working on a Rose cosplay and I see you wore this to Otakon (and checking your profile I see you live in VA! me too!) -- we should totally do a photoshoot!

NintyGirl Awesomeawesomeawesome! I was thinking about doing a costume from the path. Eeee, this made me so happy. Thanks. :3

Losertastic124 When I saw the icon, I freaked out. Mentally I was chanting "finally, finally, finally" over and over again XD This is bad ass, let me tell you :'D You should do more of the sisters!

Kirdina_the_elf Awesome cosplay! :D