Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4



I've been a fan of Ada for so long and I knew this dress had to be the first outfit I would make for her XD

I drafted up my own pattern for the dress and tried hard to hold true to all the seams and their placements. I used a casa satin for the dress and was going to line it but then i noticed that the embroidery from the design showed through to the inside in the dress so I just left it as is. It took me AGES to figure out the entire placement of the butterflies, vines, flowers and what they looked like. Finally after that, the gold flowers were appliqued and i embroidered butterfly "patches" since I had to gradient paint them and I didnt want to make a mess on the dress. I darned the butterflies down and painted the inside details.. the vines and gold loose petals are also all painted. My gun and sight were bought separately, we actually had to metal grind part of the gun down to make the sight fit nicely on it lol. The holster from what i could tell in artwork photos was NOT the nylon tactical gear and more like a leather piece. So my lovely GetasPanchan helped me dye up some leather and I drafted up a blueprint for the holster.. We molded the leather to my gun and sewed it all down XD It was a bit heavy the first time I wore it, so i just made an inner drop down holster to support it :)


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Created 9 years ago
Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong
Variant Butterfly Dress


Rejiclad Wonderful cosplay, very precise, you look really good! :)

Mao_Melissa You look amazing! I bought some Casa crepe about a month ago in bordeaux but haven't touched it yet. I think the formal fabric looks so nice for this costume. I'm mainly dreading wearing the shoes to a con. My feet were never meant for 3-4" heels, lol.