Silk Spectre I (Sally Jupiter)




Decided to make this the night before the convention. XD
Turned out well in my opinion. =D <3

Made everything from scratch, except the under-corset (which was my Aqua corset) and the stockings/boots.

I used my own hair too..... Bad idea. The amount of hairspray I put in it, my hair would have been flammable. GOOD GOD.
But what could I do, it was the night before the con. lol

Any questions, PM me. ^___^


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Last Updated 10 years ago
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Series Watchmen
Character Silk Spectre I (Sally Jupiter)
Variant Movie version


jinglebooboo you look so pretty as her :) i love silk spectre so much

Lando Very very sweet Sally Jupiter! And one day before the con? That takes quite a bit o talent. Great Job! <3