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I love Rainbow Brite. I always make a habit of doing something non-anime for Halloween. Since my son was born I've been Original Strawberry Shortcake and Alice in Wonderland. Now I went back to the 80s again with Rainbow. It's rare to see this costume done well, so I took on the challenge. I'm not thrilled with how the sleeves turned out. I may remake them. I also never finished my wig or boots. I just cut bangs into my own hair and went as a brunette brite and wore my Sailor Moon boots. Close enough for Halloween, but I'll finish it before Megacon.

Costume is entirely Spandex and quilt batting. The main body is a heavier spanex while the sleeves and belt are the lighter stuff from Joann. The belt is 2 widths of elastic covered with spandex.

Made the whole thing in 2 days, but they were 2 LONG days. The boots could take longer than the dress, and I've never added wefts to a wig, so ponytailing the wig might be a challenge. We'll see how it goes!


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IamMrsBarnes Hi I'm looking for a Rainbow Brite costume to buy/hire for my 30th in September? Would you look to do this with your costume? All the one's I've seen on fancy dress sites are too sexy and the one's i've seen on Cosplay are much more authentic and i can see time and care has been taken to make them this way. Look forward to hearing from you IamMrsBarnes p.s love that your kid is your Sprite!