Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



Since my coat was originally patterned to be a Xaldin coat, and Yui finally finished Xigbar, I agreed to do this.

The wig is wool roving: pulled apart, combed, wrapped around gaskets and latex tubes, held together by a complicated system of hair clips and velvet for friction, and tiny little rubber bands for stability. (I made this wig from scratch...there is no base wig.)
Some of the construction can be viewed here:

Sideburns are combed wool spirit-gummed in multiple layers to wax-paper, and then carefully trimmed one layer at a time.

Many thanks to Meg and Nell and Yui for helping put me in it the first time, even through the realization that a whole half of the wig was in critical failure. It was sheer perseverance and bobby pins holding it together then, and yet we managed! (Its much more stable now.)


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Xaldin


clownrus Definitely the best xaldin cosplayer.

Emilyy I'm in love with your wig. It's amazing.

Bitenshi Oh what an amazing Xaldin. O_O And the fact that you did that wig from scratch owes you my respect forever. u__u Awesome.

Yui I can never thank you enough, so here's another mention = <3 The only problem, you realize now, is that everyone can see what a sexy job you do with facial hair, so I bet people are going to try to recruit you for other costumes involving such. XD

KoriStarfire Geez i saw you guys up close and i totally didn't recognize you! x.X; man i fail. Great costume as always! Could you pm more details about how you did the dreads? I've been trying to get the same effect for a different cosplay but i haven't been happy with my ideas so far. I hope to hear from you. :3 Take care!