Hitsugaya Toshiro




My first crossplay!
And i'm realy proud of it.
I haven't finish yet, I haven't the warajis...

Edit 2011: Woah, I let this little guy for a really long time!
Well, I styled a new wig, I've redone the taichou jacket... But I still need the warajis, even 3 years later! xD


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Created 12 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Hitsugaya Toshiro


RukiaBunnyPyon amazing

Hilda Awh thanks, I'll take a look at this =) It's been a while I've made ( and remade) this costume, but I've never worked on the warajis... XD

crazywuzhere Hey, There's a waraji tutorial on instructibles.com. There have been really good reviews about it. They say the sandals last for about three days, but it's still better than buying the waraji online. I've done (parts of) the tutorial myself.

Hilda Hey, thanks a lot guys! <3

Smexy Vizard I LOVE THIS....this is totaly awesome you look sooo Kawaii!!!! :D

Ashgundam awesome cosplay dude!!!

OnePotato Wow. This is the best Hitsugaya I've ever seen. Good job! Taicho~~~~~~

demmy really amazing job.

PrincessDominique23 this is the best toshiro hitsugaya cosplay that I have seen on here