Princess Ayeka Jurai

Tenchi Muyo!



This outfit has been a dream of mine since 2003 to make. I've been pushing it back for other projects for so long that I was determined to make it this year for ACen. I pulled one of my best friends into doing Tsunami as well because I love group cosplay and I noticed how well the outfits matched. We had such a great time in February sewing these together.

One of my favorite aspects is the wig, which is hard to see in any of the photos--especially the pig-tails. It is a combination of a long wig + 4 bags of extensions, which perfectly matched the wig (I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!)

The ouftit is mostly made of cotton, to be honest, with crepeback satin on the "runners" & belt. It actually looks really cool put together. I have a name for every part of it that only makes sense to me & my friends.

In total, I love this cosplay as it came out so much better than I could even have hoped and can't wait to make a few other Ayeka cosplays because of my utter love for the Tenchi Universe and the character Ayeka.


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Series Tenchi Muyo!
Character Princess Ayeka Jurai
Variant Princess Gown


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