Chrno Crusade



My Aion - demon form cosplay. I mainly used the manga as reference for this one, since well, in the anime we see that form for a big 30 seconds at the end...
The worst thing about this costume: All the accessories, must take a good 3 hours just to put on everything (wig, horns, gems, claws, fangs, wings, etc etc etc!)

Sadly, even if I'd like better pictures of that cosplay, it's pretty much retired now, unless I have a sudden rush to remake Pandaemonium's head someday, since it's pretty much dead now (poor thing bumped into too many walls ^^;). I'm also planning on reusing the wig for another cosplay, so we'll see, but I doubt I'll rewear it.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Chrno Crusade
Character Aion
Variant Demon form


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