Shiba Kuukaku




Well well.. here it is..

The infamous Shiba Kuukaku from Bleach, Rukongai's No. 1 Fireworks Master!

A classic first-timer:
It's the first costume I ever sewed with a sewing machine.. and in fact it is the first piece of cloth I have ever sewn... with a sewing machine. ^^ And I performed my first skit with that costume together with one hell of an awesome group! XD

Therefore Kuukaku always will be some kind of a special costume for me. :3


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Series Bleach
Character Shiba Kuukaku


NicoNoa Buen Trabajo , Impresionante !!^0^

contosdeavalon Best Shiba of all times!

Mandarr13 it is flattering on you. you're a great cosplayer. talented.

mr-kobayashi Amazing job!!!

jounink Thic cosplay is highly flattering on you. Outstanding job!

Kikeri O_O! Your look just like her! Best cosplay of her I've seen.

OnePotato Wow, great job!

fia you are stunning!

XxStryfexX *o* wow... best Shiba around... congratulations great cosplay