Rosso the Crimson

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

I love her bad-ass and bloodthirsty. I enjoy playing the villain once in a while!


1/22/07: pointed gloves purchased. Blue reflective tape purchased. Currently wig shopping online. I've taken screenshots of various costume angles for reference. Plans to purchase the fabric for the "fur" bustle/train thing next week. It has begun!

1/30/07: Blue reflective tape has arrived! Its perfect. Purchased fabric for the furry cape does this stuff shed! Fosshape fabric has arrived, may be used for some details, I have to dye it.

7/5/07 - gauntlets & shoulder armor are shaped, will be painted soon. Wig purchased. the next 2 weeks are major work to finish everything.

7/16/07 - gauntlets,shoulders,and front armor all complete. Boots complete. Gloves complete. Sewed red top last night, tonight i sew on velcro to mount armor. Last thing to do will be trim wig and style back with a little modeling gunk ... red contact lenses arriving within a day. Just about done!

7/18/07: red contacts arrived today...we leave tomorrow... PHEW!!
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Series Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Character Rosso the Crimson
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