Genesic Gaogaigar

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar



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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar
Character Genesic Gaogaigar
Variant Genesic Gaogaigar


Sabaku no Yana You're so cool

fly_aguilera not tire of saying that your cosplay is magic! unbelievable! i am Your fam!

MechAlucard GOLDION CRUSHER!!! That cosplay is amazing. Certainly a lot better than my corrugated cardboard mishaps. Then again I really did not put as much time into them. What kind of paper and adhesives did you use? One day when I have more time and space I would like to create something of this calibre. Keep it up

Goldy-Japan It takes about three months to make one robot. It takes time because it makes it after work ends. Ahaha. Thank you for the comment!

Vilkäl So wonderfull! How long did you take to do that suit? months? years? Really amazing!

Goldy-Japan Oh. Thank you! I am pleased with your comment.

pepe_rei OMG this is amazing!