Ichimaru Gin




Gin has got to be one of my favorite villains, ever. He's like Orochimaru, only creepier and less effeminate (and more likely to raep! you). I always loved how Ichigo called him "Fox-faced Bastard"; I love foxes, I can't help myself. xD

My friend agreed to cosplay Kira Izuru, and, a week before AnimeNEXT '07, we embarked on an epic journey to make hakama pants, fashion zanpakutou, and modify a Rokubantai haori. It was hard, but we somehow managed to pull it off (despite forgetting to order Izuru's wig when we purchased a batch of wigs from Amphigory. RICKY'S WIGS SUCK, DON'T USE THEM).

Best part of the costume? Shinsou and red contact lenses. Worst part? The shihakusho. It looks big on me. &gt;.<


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Character Ichimaru Gin


DeidannaElric WOW *-* So Cool *--*

Temari_Nara omg i love ichimaruuuuuuu