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After recently having done incredibly detailed FFXII costumes full of plate armor, elaborate old-school Amano FFIV outfits, and traditional Japanese clothing... now I cosplay a guy wearing a suit. That almost seems a little sad. But on the other hand, I'd never made a suit from scratch before, and now I have. I could have bought it somewhere, or found a white suit and dyed it, but I'm sure it would have been far more expensive and time-consuming. The jacket was purposely made a little large for me, because Phoenix's character art actually does make it look like his jacket's a little large for him. It also has varying numbers of buttons, but oh well - most pictures show two on the sleeves rather than three, so that's what I'm going with.

akatonbo is going to be my Miles Edgeworth - and as far as counting buttons go, I think I'll just see how many come in a pack, given the reference images showing between 3 and 5 at random for his vest...

The wigs were interesting - Phoenix was my first time trying to make a spiky wig with Got2B Glued stuff. Originally he was a Punky, a hairline was added by adding extensions, and then there was a whole lot of freezing spray and hair glue involved. Edgeworth looks simpler, but wasn't really... he was cut down from one of Amphigory's Femme Fatale wigs. That was ... interesting.

Making the badge out of sculpey was really fun and took maybe ten minutes. I also intend to make a glowing magatama, if I can get it together...


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