Jessie (Musashi) Team Rocket


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Series Pokémon
Character Jessie (Musashi) Team Rocket

Leon_bSb You are the master of wigs... really.... congratz for all cosplays with crazy perfect wigs *O*....

nealo88 best hair fir jessie ive seen not many peopel get it right

Dru_Leppard you MUST tell me how you did Jesse's hair...see, me and my friend are going to be doing Jesse and James for Kumoricon next year, and I don't want to do it, unless I can do her hair,.,.PLEASE tell me!! ^_^

Julia_Mica13 That's the best Jesse hair I've seen!!! Did you use hair gel?

thebefu wow. you're the only person i've seen that's done jessie's hair RIGHT. i'm going to be attempting her outfit and stuff, so hopefully i can get her hair right too! *claps*

Anatra Best Jessie EVAR. :D