Eternal Sonata



I'm madly in love with this RPG and I wish I could cosplay as all of the characters *lol* I chose Viola, however, because she's one of the coolest girls in the game and she suits me best.

I'd been planning an ES cosplay group from the start, so Leipzig Bookfair 2008 was only a test run for this costume. It was made within a few weeks' time, I loved working on it, but I was still missing a few details.

Wore it again at Connichi 2009 and Animuc 2010 with an AMAZING group (I love you all, girls!!!) and now we're planning an even bigger group for 2011 or 2012.

I made the bow, did a lot of detailing fixes and even remade parts of the costume, prior to entering the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) with Mirromaru as Claves.

I think it's safe to say this is as accurate as it gets, and I'm not going to pick up work on this costume ever again...

Cost: EUR 290 / ~US$ 460


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Series Eternal Sonata
Character Viola


Robinyume Perfect Viola! you're soo cute in this custume!