Seung Mina, Seung Mi Na, Seung Mi-Na, Seong Mina




I used to play it with a good friend Tom and I mostly choose her when we played that game on the DC.
So I have some good old memories attached to her. ^_^

- lace border
- red satin
- red-brown satin
- yellow satin
- gold fabric
- gold lace
- black fabric
- green stretch fabric
- craft foam and paint (gold and black)
- old sneakers

My 'Scarlet Thunder' was made from wood and paint.
Everything was self made.

Wig came from Puchiko.
Craft foam and most of the paint were recuperated from other cosplays.

Circles/drawings are finally on the dress.
The inlay is also completed.

cost: 135~140 euro
Due to the expensive Scarlet Thunder (62 euro)


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Elika_88 It´s really good! It´s amazing! And the colors of the costume...extreme red!