Neliel Tu Odershvank


I've always wanted to do a release form of some arrancar on Bleach and when I saw Nel's...O_o I had to do it!! No I don't have a back end I thought it would look a little weird, but in the future you never know. XP

I made the costume myself. The fur pants are probably my favorite part. Though a pain to sew because the fabric in so thick and you can't stretch fur. BUT they are pretty comfy and yes they do get a little hot but when there's a breeze I'm good to go.

This is probably now my favorite cosplay. ^_^
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Created 9 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Neliel Tu Odershvank

LinkPwnsGanon I adore your Neliel! I also thought it'd be weird and kinda hard to have the back feet, but what you have done is fantastic! ^-^

TortureBunni This is really creative. I love your take on her release form. The construction in this is fabulous.

krys-chan It looks great. You really pull her off!

Daisya_naru Genial cosplay!

Pinkjazzykats i love it what did you use to get the javelen ( i hope that is what its called that two ended spear)

kanametousen13 Great! Kaname Tôsen from France