Nana Osaki



I do love Nana, and I really like her outfits style !
I loved being Nana Ôsaki, cos he looks so different than me that I had to change everything, from my look (like wearing brown contact lenses), to my attitude to try to act like she could ;)

Some people asked me if that was my real hair, but it was just a wig :
The wig I used is supposed to be a brand new wig's type : the hairs are sewed on a clear skin-like plastic (which is not a skin-top, well, I mean you can see through it ;p) and the result is that the parting you can see on my head is my real one.
The wig is fixed on the forehead with a special glue, so it didn't move.
I had never seen such a wig before, but I can say that's useful and I think that looked quite natural !


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