Sheva Alomar

Resident Evil 5



Thank you for wanting to put my costume on your site!!!

When one of my best friends, Purpleflames, showed me this version of Sheva, i knew i had to cosplay it. I wanted to do her BSAA version, but put plans aside for that to focus on this version first. I was working on a budget with this costume and didnt even think i would get it done for Animazement. Its not finished, of course, because Sheva has far more details and i can only hope to get the rest of the details done for the costumes next wear.

The beading took a great deal of time, especially the "choaker" with the red and black beads. As i was on a very tight budget with little money to work with, i used a lot of beads i had around the house just to create the tribal effect - meaning i took some artistic liberties. The "bone/teeth" necklace, although not complete, is my favorite piece. I created the bones/teeth with paperclay and opted not to paint it or smooth it out to give it a more ancient, tribal feel. I need to create more to finish out the necklace. I used these silver beads with intricate carvings in between each piece. I tried to use clear elastic, as i did with the other beads, but that wouldnt work with the heavy clay, so i used craft wire. The rest of the beading took probably about five hours on one day and finishing it up quickly on another.

The painting took about an hour and a half - which is an appox time. The white painting was done by me so it isnt perfect. I painstakingly did it in a mirror with ref art beside me. The black tattoo was done by a talented friend in probably 30 mintues.

I wore black shorts under this at Animazement, but will probably not wear them if this costume (and myself) makes it to Dragon*Con 2009!

Most photos were taken by Purpleflames.


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Character Sheva Alomar


Revolver Kitty Youve done a great job on this :) Ive always wanted to do tribal sheva but far to scared lol

Marty Kirra This one is pretty sexy, and surprisingly accurate giving the budget issue. Amazing! :)