taro.tea as Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama

Tekken 5

Cosplayer: taro.tea
NOTE: this is an OLD cosplay from last year.

of all other previous cosplays, this one came together very well, so it shall be the starter on my new profile ^^

both layers of the kimono were made from angel satin.
obi:silk dupion.
shoes: stolen. from a box.
sakura: bought from the local homewares store :)

on both events, the cosplay went fantastically. alot of people came up to me and spoke to me about it, took pics etc. i was really happy it turned out so well! ^^
unfortunately, as i was walking around without the heels (because they were a PAAAAIN), someone treaded on the kimono's drape... resulting in a permanently damaged/ripped/ falling apart costume.
but it was a complete accident. no hard feelings.
in situations like that, safety pins become your best friend^_^