Technically the longest time I ever spent on a costume.. because I started it three years ago and kept putting it off (the gloves scared me!) until now. Most of the construction info was already listed in doragon's Ultimo costume page, but whatever ~

The gloves were made out of rolls of chair foam that was cut and carved into shape. I patterned the casings out of brocade and casa satin and then put them over the foam, then sewed all the pieces together by hand. Doragon painted on the wave designs for me.

Pants were cut like hakama, with pleats and darting done to reflect the actual design. Closed with a zipper on the side. Flap and belt made of the same casa satin as the undersides of the gloves and once again painted by doragon.

Shirt was more satin, double layered and an altered collar with a lot of interfacing inside to keep it up. I still need to paint the swirly designs on it.

The wig didn't turn out as planned, so I'll be remaking it, as well as my goggle-things

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Character Vice
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