Jura Basil Elden


Jura instantly became my favorite out of the Vandread characters, and after watching 3 episodes, I got the idea to cosplay her. It's nice to be a vain, haughty gal once in a while. ^_^
She's got such a passionate yet big-headed, personality, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. [Most of the time. :)] I also just couldn't believe how cute her outfit is.
I also adore her relationship with Barnette and how much they admire and respect each other. It's quite touching.
Though I don't share her enthusiasm to be the first woman on Majare to make a baby with a man. [long story if you don't know the series...]
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Series Vandread
Character Jura Basil Elden

okami14 This is amazing! Jura is such an awesome character and you just made her even more great! I also planned on cosplaying her, which I was actually afraid about. But after seeing you, that fear is mostly gone! Thanks! You did a great job! =D