Angel Sanctuary



By the time this is done I will have made every inch of this including boot covers and gloves. This was my first time making a corset as well as these types of wings and wing harness system. Everything is machine sewn which is also a HUGE step for me.

I was terrified to make this costume. I didn't know how to start, didn't know how to make any of it..I was just worried I'd look like a mess by the time I got it figured out. But after reading tutorial after tutorial I finally got down a base plan on how I wanted to attack it. I combined the knowledge gained on all those tutorials to do things in my own style and my own way and this is the result of it.

The wings took about 30 hours total to assemble. They are made from wire, chicken wire, pvc pipe, white batting and lots and lots of feathers and hot glue. I basically used almost an entire 50 count bag of hot glue.

The harness is a combination of clear shoulder straps and a back piece that is fitted underneath the corset.


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DarkChaos I think I saw you at DragonCon! I just realized this. I was the weirdo in the long obnoxiously yellow wig whose vest clip broke right before the cosplay judging XP