Naruto Sexy No Jutsu




I based it on the clothes of Naruto to design his clothes in female version. This cosplay is my original version of Naruto SNJ.

I spent a good time while I was designing clothes Naruto. There were multiple options or versions, but finally I decided on this because it the desing was original, cool, funny and spicy... like Naruto.

The jacket is like that of Naruto, but short (below the chest) to give a touch sexy. I was torn between pants or skirt, so I chose both for not to lose the essence of the character. I chose shorts and skirt with side openings, thus allowing any movement, is very comfortable and cool. The right clothes for Naruto. The heaters give a child touch, cool and fun to the outfit.

Hope you guys like it!


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Series Naruto
Character Naruto Sexy No Jutsu


SanadaInferno I love the outfit! Did you design it yourself?