Final Fantasy X-2



I am so proud of this costume :) It was my first real cosplay! And I made everything myself! You'd think that because Rikku isn't wearing much, it would be easy to make. But it was actually rather complicated!!

-The bikini top was bought when I went on holiday. It was ridiculously expensive, but I bought it anyway XD I used a special fabric texta and coloured the outline of the bikini :) I used black pleather for the straps and simple buckles.

-The sleeves were made out of an old white bedsheet that I had. I put some elastic through the top so they would stay up :)

-The gloves were bought from my local op-shop. They were full fingered gloves so I just cut them off XD I think they're real leather :S

-The scarf was made out of 100% cotton and gradient dyed using Hiyoko-chan's gradient dying tutorial!! It's really good so I definitely recommend it!!

-The skirt was quite easy, I just used stretchy green material to make it :)

-The belt and pouches were made out of yellow vinyl. They're a bit small for my liking, so I might remake them one day. But they're fine for now :)

-The boots were a pair of black knee boots that I cut down and painted. I used acrylic paint mixed with textile medium (ratio of 2:1). Thanks to ChelseaHavoc for giving me help! :D I used yellow shoe laces and laced them up at the back.

-The wig was bought from eBay and restyled dramatically by me. The beads were painted. My wig is kinda dead now :/ So I may have to get a new one &gt;.<

-The blades were made by my step-dad and me :) I used an outline of the blades I found on DeviantArt and we made them out of pine and plywood and spray-painted.

Photographer: Nicole Strojek @ http://amyleeyummy.deviantart.com


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
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Ricepaper wow.kawaiii^^ nice work on the boots.Im working on my yuffie boots,and they're knee high..Knee highs are incredibly expensive.u_u Any suggestions?

ahbruh oh thank you! yours too!!! :D