Aselea as Irie Shouichi

Irie Shouichi

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Millefiore Uniform

Cosplayer: Aselea
At some point while watching Reborn", Irie suddenly appeared on my cosplay list. I'm not sure what happened, but I do know he is one precious character.

-The coat, pants and belts are twill, and the black parts are polyester. I wasn't quite sure whether the uniform was supposed to have dual-coloured pants or black legwarmers over white pant legs. I went with the former approach because I liked the idea.

-The Millefiore badge and Mare ring are sculpted from modeling clay, and the shoulder armour is craft foam. The badge has a pin back, while the armour attaches to the coat with velcro.

-The wig is a Scruffy-L in Henna red from Cosworx, which I basically cut down to normal Scruffy length - the shorter version was out of stock in all the colours I could have gone with.

-My least favourite part is the footwear. I couldn't find white basic men's shoes, so I had to get black shoes and spray them white with leather paint. Unfortunately, the coating quickly started cracking with every step I took.

-I found the glasses at a sale. They don't actually have lenses; the plastic ones that came with them had a logo that would not come off, so I popped them out.