ParnsAngel as Cher Degre

Cher Degre

Wolf's Rain

Cosplayer: ParnsAngel
First of all, Wolf's Rain is a really cool series. I'm totally in love with it. ^_^ Then I heard about someone cosplaying Tsume and got totally excited, but it wasnt until I heard someone was playing Darcia and they needed another person to make a Wolfs Rain group official that I really decided to make a Cher Degre costume. Besides, she's cool, and I love how she's so bitchy to her ex-hubby, Hubb. But really, I feel for the guy ^^

This was done in about 2 days, over my winter break, when I had pretty much finished all the rest of my costumes and needed something to do. And then I found the perfect shirt (its silk!! Mmm ^____^) and shoes at Goodwill, so very much hooray! ^_^

This costume was so much fun to walk around in, and hanging out with the rest of the Wolfs Rain group on Saturday was a blast!!!

New! I did her lighter grey jacket for the year after, and thaaat was a pain. I hate lapels. But it turned out pretty well! Wore it to Acen, and to AR where we got to meet the series character designer and director! THAT was the best time ever. Also got some better pics, cause I always end up looking horrible in Cher XD