Hilary as Yuuko



riding habit

Cosplayer: Hilary
This is one of those costumes that eats your summer.
There is a month inside of that costume that you'll never see. There is a spring-steel bustle in there, a hand-patterned corset in there, an entire day's worth of ruffling in there. It's pretty nuts. The underskirt took me forever, thus the rest got pushed to sort of last minute. I'd like to go back and repair and redo a lot of this, but I don't have another summer handy at the moment. I will note that I feel like an aristocrat in this, and that the skirt is so vast it catches stuff on the ground like a giant broom. The technical detailing in this costume is utter insanity. There is boning, french seams, millions of buttons, hand-dyed coque feathers, hand-covered parasols, hand-sewed into the costume, Oh lord!