My Neighbor Totoro



huge costume. made on a pop-up kids tent frame to help build the bulk. stuffed with beach balls since stuffing is hot and costs more. the only way in and out is through the bottom of the costume as in this is all one piece, the head DOES NOT come off! the fur is ALL my scrap fur as i could not afford new fur and so the body was air-brushed to make all the fur match color, the paint made the fur stiff BUT i don't mind the some what rough feel as the fur texture looks even better now and will stay in place and not be ruffled by being touched (and i know Totoro is gonna get lots of hugs). mouth is clay, nose and claws are foam rubber, eyes are paper and a plastic x-mas ornament. the leaf is wire, foam, paint and a cut up yoga mat and hide an additional peek hole in the top of the head. what look like ear holes on the side are actually peek holes so i have some sideways vision. i also look out of gaps left above the eyes. holes wereleft under the arms so i could reach out if nessesary to open a door or get a bottle of water.

has 5 battery powered fans installed, the 2 biggest ones are on the back of Oh Totoros head and pull outside air into the costume, to hide the fans and make the costume more interesting the white and blue chibi totoros are on Oh Totoros back.

photos of the improved version will be posted in late july after its public appearance


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Created 13 years ago
Series My Neighbor Totoro
Character Totoro
Variant made to look like a real animal


Naoki_La_Fay Wow! It's really amazing *_*

usakou awesome cosplay!

neko ember creepy but so amazing

+Misato+ *-*aaa so absolute cute!!!

Pumpkin-Ed his eyes are just soooo, spooky