Blade of the Immortal

his was supposed to be my Masquerade costume for Anime North 2003, but it just didn't happen. I'd been planning to make the cool wrist-crossbow she has, and was in progress on making the special high-heeled geta, but I got very sick before the con and just didn't have time. That, in addition to the fact that I'd been unable to scrape together a group and had NO good ideas for a solo skit, made me decide to just relax and *watch* the masquerade for once.

Okay, this may sound egotistical, but I'm kind of used to getting a lot of attention in my costumes. Whether it's for the fanservice or the fanciness, I usually get a lot of photos taken. In Hyakurin, I felt totally invisible and it was weird. I would have thought that more people would read Blade of the Immortal, but I didn't have one single person come up to me and know who I was. *sigh*

Kimono: This was supposed to be a simple costume, but the kimono drove me absolutely NUTS. I'd decided to do the patterns in batik, but it had been a LONG time since I'd done any batik, and it took me awhile to get the hang of it. This involved redoing the patterns a few times, and having to buy new fabric, which turned out not to like dye (despite being cotton). It would dye great, but then when I tried to boil out the wax, the dye would go with it. So it was a LOT of frustration. The obi was much easier, and just involved half an hour of sewing.
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Series Blade of the Immortal
Character Hyakurin

Caldoria And yes, the kimono is also driving me batty. I look forward to the dye resist part, because the kimono will be sewn. I can't think of how to do the arms. The shape does not seem quite like most kimono. -_-

Caldoria What you said about sounding egotistical--no, I didn't think it was! I know the feeling. I have worn a costume that has drawn almost no attention because the character isn't so well-known. On one hand, it's really cool because if you are trying to get somewhere, you aren't stopped every few seconds (I like stopping for photos, but sometimes I have to move!). But it's also sad. I am planning to do Hyakurin. I seen yours here a long time ago and was inspired!

EternalSuccubus Great Hyakurin!!! Your cosplay is amazing! Congratulations!