I wanted a new cosplay for Otakon, but with no time to really make something serious I decided to make Nel since I had recently got into Bleach. I went for the adult rags form since I'm not Chibi Nel.. and the Espada outfit was too much for no time.

I bought the fabric cheap at Joann's on clearance. It was the last bit left and it's perfect for the cosplay since it's s knit fabric as opposed to linen.

The mask was made by me from a lot of model magic. I painted the eyes and everything black with acrylic paint. The face faint is.. well.. red face paint.

I bought the wig from cosworx at the booth there which was lucky for me!

( In some photos I have black ninja shoes on, but only because the cons had rules against bare feet! )


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Created 11 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Neliel
Variant Rags / Adult


pari_neko blouse looks really gr8 :)