Noelle Bor

Trinity Blood



This costume was not originally meant to be was just my goth/rave outfit for the GenCon Indy dance in 2007. But when I left my Sister Noelle make-up and hairstyle in place following our skit and changed into the dance outfit...the idea for an Orden version of Noelle (something that does NOT occur in the Trinity Blood series to anyone's knowledge, but I could totally see Noelle going undercover) was born. So, for 2008 I made it happen. The dress, top, gloves, and footwear were all bought. The tie was also bought, but for the sole purpose of making this into and Orden-style uniform. I made the hat and the Orden armband from scratch.


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Trinity Blood
Character Noelle Bor
Variant Rosenkreuz Orden- Original Design


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