Little Apple Dolls



This was mostly a closet cosplay. I used the shorts from my Nami costume and a blouse that I wear sometimes during summer. I made the headband cover and tie out of the scrap fabric from my first attempt at making a Priestess Girl hakama. I still don't like the wig very much, but the dolls all have dark black hair so my real hair wouldn't have looked right. I don't actually have Mentis, but her outfit was so simple and I could never pass up a Little Apple Doll cosplay! ^-^ I also read her story on the website and really liked her character! They're all so cute!

I don't have this cosplay anymore. Somehow the pieces just started to disappear until only the headband and tie were left. ^^''


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Series Little Apple Dolls
Character Mentis


SayuriChan Oh God xDDD Ur sooo cute >.<