this was just because nightwing is just such an awesome character within the batman universe


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Series Batman
Character Nightwing


Josephine wow awesome your a great nightwing

Bunnjamin killer. comment my sandwraith! mlar latrix

ItalianPeach I love Nightwing, and you do him great justice! Love it!

Souba Love Nightwing, you did a wonderful job on this costume! Souba

J Ryoga Mad props on the rare Nightwing cosplay!

NatashaWonka Great Nightwing! *-*

LorieW nightwing makes me happy :)

Pirata Gosh! You look so great! awsome!

Lacrimosa Love Nightwing. Approved!

kevingat damn i love nightwing man, did you make this yourself? i cant find a Nightwing costume anywhere >.<

deshwitat nicely done man

sakuralovekairi thank you for the coment! n.n your cosplay is awesome! n.n you really look so great! n.n

maltesewarrior Definitely love this costume the most. You make an excellent, excellent Night Wing!

saij great

H-Sama VERY NICEEEE did you sew it by yourself?

kikuyo Awesome job. What and where did you get and use the material from? I want to try to make a NIghtwing costume

Angeal awsome job wow

Anwaien You make a great Nightwing!

degan07 awsome!

noodle42 very nice!