Tieria Erde

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



Costume for Supanova Sydney Sunday 09.

I looove th Celestial Being uniforms but they were a pain and a half to make 8D;;
Actually remade everything except for the pants after the photoshoot, so the uniform worn to the con was a lot nicer XD

Changed to having an invisible zipper at the back of the white undertop rather than having a real one in the front; it definitely makes it sit a lot nicer.

Used a stiffer fabric (have no idea what it's called but really love it lol) for the jacket the second time round as well which really helped, plus added in shoulder pads.

Cleaned up the boots as well~ I think I made the silver bits (covered foam) too big the first time.


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Tieria Erde


gundamfangirl92 This is one of the best S2 Tieria uniforms that I have seen so far.It turned out really well.