Oh My Goddess!



This outfit looks pretty simple, but it's much harder to pull off than one would think. With her insane cleavage, on a strapless gown that carries the weight of her huge cape, Urd totally defies the laws of physics o_o

I was going to implement a bodysuit at first so I would've been covered completely, except for the face; however, I abandoned that idea because it just didn't seem to work with Urd's super-hot look. I used bodypaint instead and based the dress off of a steel-boned corsage lining, and I had to build in clear bra straps to make it work.

The most expensive parts were the wig, the purple contacts, and the navy blue cotton twill for the cape and collar. It's a pretty exclusive fabric, but I instantly fell in love with the quality and the color, so I had to buy it. A lot of it^^;

I got myself the perfect Belldandy, this cosplay was practically made for sakura_b and me ^___^

We had a photoshoot with talented photographer Niklas Liebig at Connichi 09, I promise I'll put more photos up later :3

Cost: EUR 255 / ~US$ 330


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Series Oh My Goddess!
Character Urd
Variant 2005 TV series


IzunaDrop247 You're an awesome Urd!

deshwitat awsome, you look great

Shizuku wow, so expensive @@

chiisaiSaku sister ^^