Quatre Raberba Winner

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing



I watched Gundam Wing for the first time in 2005. My friend was obsessed and had recently bought the box set, and she made me watch it... I fell in love instantly, absolutely instantly-first-episode-instantly. I liked all of the pilots, but I definitely connected with Quatre the most. He's a pacifist fighter, like I am. :) And I thought he was just so sweet and cute, I had to cosplay him.

Well... the only thing I actually made was the vest. >_> Which I sewed. I bought the pants (they were boy pants! I had no idea what size I was so I had to try on a bunch), and the belt, and I borrowed the pink shirt from a friend. Oh, and I bought the wig but cut that myself!


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Character Quatre Raberba Winner


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