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One of my first fully completed costumes


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Character Sebastian


shenweiyangtze nice cosplay <3

ChibiMitzy KYA! I found you on I love your Sebastian cosplay! Gawh, you look so amazing as him, honestly just prefect!

Marshmela PUPPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oDo -flails at- I KNOW YOU FROM DA!!!!!!!! I'M FINDING LIKE EVERYONE ON HERE ALL OF A SUDDEN HOORAY!!~ *flaildance* AS ALWAYS AN AMAZING SEBASTIAN!!!!~ &#9829;

Sexy Grelly good job. X3

Ada-gun I love your Sebastian cosplay!!

Mimiru1618 You play an amazing Sebastian 8D. Excellent and superb~!

SushiBonzai I really love the attitude and execution you have with the cosplay, it's brilliant and believable!