Koholint as Black★Gold Saw

Black★Gold Saw

Black★Rock Shooter

Cosplayer: Koholint
This is the original design for Black★Gold Saw as designed by Huke. I know that BGS's design has been updated and changed significantly since then.

In order to fulfill a dream for one of our cosplay troupe's members, we did a full Black★Rock Shooter group, complete with Black★Devil Girl, Black Matagi, Dead Master, and myself as Black★Gold Saw. (Unfortunately our Black★Rock Shooter was unable to come to the convention)

When initially deciding on which character to cosplay, I settled for Black★Gold Saw because I love red, and her horns were so pretty!

The costume wasn't too difficult to make; however, I had never made shorts before so my grandmother had to help me with those. The jacket was also made super-last minute, so she helped me with that also (such as doing some sewing while I cut fabric and vice-versa). I usually feel bad accepting help with cosplays, but when rushed, having two people work is better than just one...

I modified a pair of boots I bought at Goodwill and then used fabric glue to put the white accents on them. The claws were made with a pair of old marching band gloves, black craft foam, and fabric glue. The horns were made of Crayola Model Magic and spray-painted.