Ezio Auditore

Assassin's Creed II



After playing assassin's creed 2 I fell in love with the costume and had to make it. But being 5'3 and having a male friend also wearing the costume I figured I'd be absolutely ridiculous looking trying to be a man. So instead of making the costume comical I did a female variant which didn't change the design much I just added a long braid of hair popping out the hood.

Belt buckle was casted in plastic and then supported on a base piece under the sash. The gauntlet and hiddenblade/gun was sculpted using super sculpty.

Everything but the boots and tights was sewn by myself. The whole costume was a huge success and I only have minor repairs to fix up before wearing it again. It was also the hottest costume I've ever worn as I sweat through 4 layers of fabric in the stomach and back area, so it's not for the faint of heart in the dead of summer.

I have been asked before but I do not do full commissions of the costume but I'm more than willing to do the props or accessories.

In due time all high res shots will be up on my DA. I suggest looking there as the quality and details are sharper. Laurentea.deviantart.com


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Series Assassin's Creed II
Character Ezio Auditore
Variant Femme


Likeohnoscoob the quality of your work really shows. Very nice work

Mikiru Mysterious hooded man(watches from a distance), take a second to look AWESOME. Time to go, walkin slow motion so you still look awesome. Guard just spotted you and hes gonna shoot you, but don't mind him just keep looking awesome that shadow with take care of him! Guard says stop, just kill him with your awesome, another got shot by an arrow so your good, part the red sea! Hopefully those guards have good armor, no they don't.. Maybe they do? THEY DON'T...!... Now act like you didn't do it, they're not buying it... Target comes out of his shelter, hes distracted by a feather, hes like "Shoot me", He likes feathers.. He looks up when he remembers.. "Oh I LOVE birds!" =D Nod at the bird and people DIE, everywhere people DIE, target doesn't die(hes fine), target sends horsemen to DIE. Kill the horse the rider falls down, kill the rider the rider falls down... And targets still FINE! Then some other guards that were hiding in pillars come out and they take their formation, then target pulls out his sword then goes to smell his sword(not sure why?), mysterious hooded man joined by Other HOODed PEEOPLE, Your next running, RUNNING slow motion jump ATTACK! ;3

PewPewPew I read in your description that you're 5'3" - did your height hinder you in any way to sorta role play? Did anyone treat you differently? I'm asking because I'm 5'1" and planning on going to Anime Expo 2011 as a female Ezio as well ^_^; I don't have the sewing skills to make it, so I'm going to buy a custom made one (yes yes, I'm a bit ashamed for buying the costume instead of making it from scratch u_u). Are there any tips you can give me, or is there anything I should know? I know height shouldn't make a difference, but I'm a bit insecure about it after seeing so many awesome Ezio's out there.

Shahrazad This is amazing. You are amazing. Great detail work!

en-vy93 This is amazing. Best ezio cosplay. I love how you edited it to a femme version. I am planning on cosplaying ezio and was hoping for some advise? What did you use for the hidden blades? The clay that you put in the oven right (im sorry, the name escapes me...) Did you make the entire outfit yourself? Well, its amazing. Awesome details, awesome creativity and craftsmanship. I love it!!

plastisine Absolutely stunning. The details and craftsmanship are just amazing.

keinseele thank you thank you and i know i do it all the time do more then i can chew but we will try and thanks for the tips greatly appreciated!!!

keinseele Hey my friend wants to this costume for halloween you have any tips for her and me since i am probably going to be making it? and yours is sooo badass ^_^ and does she have a name or is just the girl version of Ezio Auditore?

harleyq4 This is beautiful! I love every detail, especially the buttons! You've inspired me to have a go at making my own :) You've completely proved that girls don't have to stick to girl characters!

Crusaders Perfect!!! *______*

Zenaku BEST EZIO FEMALE EVAH!!!!! *O* Awesome job; the costume, details, THE BELT!!! =D I hope to do soon the Altair armor. =D

Elika_88 A very good costume. You have make it wonderful!!!!

sunny.- Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ♥

Mahato Shey-Kun Badass! This really turned out great; and congrats on the showcase!

Yazmine This is so amazing, you did such an awesome job!! The details are all so amazing~

Bunnjamin killer cosplay. this is quite an intricate piece of work. great job! mlar latrix