Hatsune Miku




I totally pulled this out of my ass >.>;; All in all, I think I only spent a total of two days on it haha, I really wasn't expecting it to be as easy as it was. Maybe Im just getting used to costume monstrosities lol.

HatsuneYuna actually asked me to be her Miku because she wanted to do Cantarella Kaito and I happily agreed c: I'm really happy with the outcome and I totally feel like a princess walking around in it.

The lace used in both of our costumes is actually from the wedding dress I tore apart used for both my Earth Fairy and Lulu cosplays >u> I swear that dress is neverending.

Oh, and that hoopskirt eats everything from bags, luggage and small children.


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Character Hatsune Miku


L337R0X so gorgeous!