Claire Redfield

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles



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Series Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Character Claire Redfield
Variant Code Veronica


Missha Thank you for the comments everyone! ^-^ And aww, Sam. Well, your Alexia was exactly, if not, MORE awesome looking than my Claire ;D

TheQueenAnt Oh haaaaai girl. This is normally where I would shower you with compliments, but you KNOW I think you looked awesome at Otakon. <3

Reynard104 I have no idea HOW you did the graphic on the vest, but it looks AMAZING!! Great Claire. Seriously.

Kayobreaker your like the best claire ive seen so far goooood job XD

Hopie Wowee, you make a fab Claire! :D

Akroma Your claire is totally awesome as well! I think I saw you walking around youmacon but I was dressed up as other things at the time XD But yeah, no I thought your claire totally rocked!

RinYu wow, what an awesome Claire!! U look just like her. Where did u get her vest?

Angeal the pics looks awesome